Score Keeper, defined to your institution by Pearson Turkey, is an account that you may have access to the Test Identification Number (TIN) for the Versant Exam, and it administers the management of the Versant Exam results. You may get help from Versant: Score Keeper User Guide about how to use Score Keeper account. You may find out Pearson Versant Exam results on your Score Keeper account with the help of the Automated Scoring feature right after the applicants complete their exams. You may reach out to the exam results according to the TIN by clicking on the View Scores button.

The Locked statement under the Score Access title decides on the condition of the students’ viewing of their exam results.

If you do not want your students to be able to separately view their exam results, you necessarily have to check that box.

If you wish your students to separately reach out to their exam results, you may direct them to with the TIN that are assigned to them.

You may download exam results by clicking on the Download this table into Excel button or you may reach out to the exam results in detail by clicking on the Score Report which can be found under the TIN section.