Active Learn

Active Learn : Instructor User Guide
For all instructors, you can download the guide from the link below to find information about using Active Learn platform. Instructor Video Guide
Active Learn: Most Faced Technical Problems
1-I am clicking on the books on my ActiveLearn account but they do not open. When you click on the “Open” button to open the books, pop-up blocker shows up at the top-right corner of your browser. You need to allow “pop-ups” to be able to access ActiveLearn. 2- The window that asks login credentials is not showed when I...
Active Learn: Login
Active Learn teacher accounts are created by the Pearson Technology Team. The school ID is specific to each school. To access for Active Learn go to You can log in to the platform with your username and password that shared with you.
Active Learn: Content
Content production in progress. Didn't help? Click here for more.
Active Learn: Letter for Parents
You can download the letter that can be shared with students' parents in which there is an explanation about Active Learn Platform. Letter for Parents
Active Learn: Creating Student and Teacher Account
In order to create student and teacher accounts on the ActiveLearn platform, you must provide the following information: Turkish characters must not be used. First Name - Last Name information must be found in separate colums. If the school has more than one campus, campus names must be added. Active Learn Instructor...